Barbara Franchin

ITS Founder & Director

Barbara Franchin is the founder and soul of ITS – International Talent Support.
She was born and raised in Trieste, a town with a privileged and decentralized point of view, far from the established capitals of design, allowing an ideal pure and unfiltered perspective, free from a mainstream vision of the world. In 2001 she launched EVE, a one-of-a-kind agency with a key strength: an eclectic, dedicated and passionate team.
The following year she launched the first edition of ITS, selecting the strongest young talents from all over the world and hosting them in Trieste for a grand final event with over 400 guests: journalists, trendsetters, opinion leaders, and major representatives of the fashion system. In 2006 she founded the Cultural Association EVE – Creativity Research Lab, aimed at supporting and promoting educational activities in the artistic and cultural fields.
Her love and will to preserve, catalogue and display these unique expressions of creativity led to the creation of the ITS Creative Archive, a collection like no other, which traces the history of contemporary fashion evolution. The Archive holds 18,000 portfolios, over 240 outfits, 125 accessories, 86 jewellery pieces and over 700 digital photography projects from over 80 countries. By building and fueling the ITS Creative Archive she has laid the foundations of ITS Arcademy, a global training ground for creativity.