Karchun Leung

Numéro China and Modern Weekly Style, China

“Fashion is our language”, said by the chief editor. Dated back in 2004, Karchun Leung joined Hong Kong City Magazine as Senior Editor, where his foray into fashion thus begun. With a decade of honing in his profession, Leung started to take the role of Editor in Chief of Numéro China in 2013, and been selected as a member of BoF 500 a year later.

Not merely owns the talent on creativity and international perspective for content creation, Leung also possesses the skills on magazine operation. He opened up outstanding new project for the magazine business and cross-over with multiple brands, for Numéro China, as well as for Modern Weekly Style since 2018. Karchun is absolutely a culture disseminator and taste maker”, been widely praised by the fashion industry, Leung has successfully collaborated with numerous brands by his avant-garde sense, incisive intellect and insightful vision. Besides, Leung spares no effort on rendering support to local designers as to promote them from China to international arena. Fashion is the language, and creativity is the phraseology.