Serena Tibaldi

La Repubblica, Italy

Serena Tibaldi is a journalist. Born in Benevento, a small town in Campania, she has been Milanese for half of her life. After a few mistakes – i.e. a law degree – she started working as a fashion assistant at Io Donna, the Corriere della Sera weekly magazine; after a couple of years she started doing her own shoots as a stylist, at the same time trying her hand with writing. In 2006 she landed at Velvet, La Repubblica newspaper monthly magazine, where she is completely devoted to written journalism (honestly, she was quite a mediocre stylist). In 2012 she moved to the publications of the Espresso Group: La Repubblica’s weekly magazine D, the web platform. Since January 2019 she has been the full-time Fashion Editor of the newspaper. And she’s quite proud of this.