Stefano Martinetto

CEO Tomorrow Holdings Ltd

Stefano Martinetto is chief executive of Tomorrow London, a diversified fashion group whose mission is to champion and foster the power of entrepreneurial creativity within the global fashion industry. A business accelerator and development partner for emerging and established fashion talent, Tomorrow empowers designers and enables them to realise their full potential, whilst ensuring they retain their identity and creative control. Tomorrow operates a breadth of services including brand consultancy, showroom and distribution, atelier, digital strategy and experiential retailing. Each service offers designers the solutions and tools for successful and sustainable growth. Martinetto’s innate understanding of the fashion industry comes from life-long immersion. As the fourth generation, Martinetto started his career in the family agency, A-L-E-X, before starting his own venture by partnering with game-changing designers including Walter Von Bereindonk, Dirk Bikkembers and Helmut Lang, plus Puma Black Station, Evisu and Raf Simons. With a vision to build Tomorrow into an integrated group offering multiple services to brands and designers to support them in achieving their own ambitions, in 2011 Martinetto lead a merger between his Italian operations and Saturday Group – creating Tomorrow London. He and his partner Giancarlo Simiri took this over in November 2015 via an MBO, supported by Three Hills Capital Partners. A further investment from Renzo Rosso brought the total funding to $26 million. 2017 saw the acquisition of 470MM, now Tomorrow Consulting, and Todo Srl, an Italian-based footwear and accessories production Company. 2018 has seen the acquisition of J6, a ready-to-wear atelier of highly- skilled artisans. Notably, in January 2018, Tomorrow announced its first IP investment into A Cold Wall by Samuel Ross, and Polythene Optics. Stefano Martinetto is also an investor in Ubooker, the disruptive direct model booking platform, and You Concept, an events company.