Today more than ever, creative energy is amongst the most precious elements of our society: nurturing, unleashing, supporting creative talents is a sort of powerful insurance against the risks related to unexpected, negative events.
With the extraordinary work done by ITS, creative talents and their unbeatable and inexhaustible energy always have a home, a stage and a launch ramp!
It is a privilege to have access to so many different, diverse and inspiring projects; it is empowering to feel the rush created by a mix of ideas, research, innovation, inspiration, dreams, craftsmanship; it is magic to see these projects coming to life.
It is also very emotional and enriching to get in touch with the talents behind the projects, understand their personal feelings and thoughts, share their vision.
This year in particular, the theme of belonging and the notion of travel have suddenly acquired a deeper and very relevant meaning. We get in stronger touch with our roots, we have bigger desires to fulfil, we fly away with our mind and bring with ourselves not only the essentials, but also the dreams… food for our creative energy and a brighter, more dynamic, more inspiring future.

Swatch International, Product and Design Committee – CEO, Swatch Art Peace Hotel.