The Covid – 19 pandemic has caused a high number of victims, has affected our lives deeply and changed the way we live and interact with others. It has also made us aware of how important the way we react is, with a renewed and resolute spirit. To be able to embrace present and future challenges with a positive attitude and reinforced commitment by re-launching our city and our country, boosting their development and economic growth, key goals benefiting all of us. Along this shared path, not devoid of challenges and difficulties, the new edition of ITS 2020 continues its journey, the celebrated contest dedicated to young creatives in fashion, launched in 2002 by Barbara Franchin, the founder and director of an international event, Trieste is glad to keep hosting and supporting. While the claim of this year’s edition is ‘Here We Belong’, which represents our belonging to a world, a statement of one’s origins – disowning any principle of possession and exclusion, as we do not own the place where we live, but we belong there – Trieste feels in perfect harmony as an international city open to new horizons, in this case to the new creatives from all over the world. ‘Creativity – said Giovanni Agnelli – is the greatest pleasure. It is the only added value in life, capable of including all others.’ ‘L’Avvocato’ had a farsighted approach that I share. Scouting new talents, nurturing them and highlighting their value is a crucial mission, one that makes the difference and helps further renewing and reinforcing Italian style and creativity in the world.

Mayor of Trieste