Andrew Bell


Born 21st June 1991 Irish

The Future Tailoring aesthetic developed by Andrew is defined by the integration of traditional tailoring techniques with sonic welding and taping technologies. Drawing inspiration from single-use products such as the collapsible Hoover bag, his work finds beauty in the banal, in a dialogue that considers material values and consumer behaviour in an era of disposability. Cut from side-profile, his outerwear pieces offer cross-sections of a future facing an aesthetic that is structured, lightweight and razor-sharp. Through the removal of the canvas, pad-stitching and interlinings, the designer not only challenges the traditional frameworks of tailoring, but also the material hierarchies that bind our ideals of ‘luxury’ within fashion.


OTB Award

OTB Award: The OTB Award will grant €10,000 and the winner might be offered an internship with one of the group’s brands. The internship includes an expenses reimbursement of €500 per month, and a return ticket from the winner’s country of residence. The internship will start approximately from February 2021 (exact dates to be defined by OTB).


The project we chose tells a story of elegance with an engineering approach where every single detail, from the pattern, to the construction, to the garment folding, is studied deeply and optimized, a story of hidden details and shadows, a contamination from daily life details and traditional tailoring reinvented with modernity.

Pitti Immagine Award

Pitti Immagine will offer a 6-month mentorship by the Tutoring & Consulting Direction and the opportunity to showcase the collection at Pitti Uomo in January 2021 in Florence, or if a womenswear designer at Super in Milan, on February 2021.


To the finalist who caught PITTI Immagine's attention with innovative tailoring techniques and aesthetic. Integrating the removal of traditional elements with classic silhouettes, these futuristic pieces combine design and construction work with a sustainable approach to materials and manufacturing processes.