Watch ITS 2020 in 3 minutes

A chapter of our story
with tales from behind the scenes

ITS 2020 Fashion Contest Grand Finale – A Cinematic Experience

Here We Belong.

Here I belong.
In Trieste.
With my team.
With everyone who got us here.
With everyone who will join us.
Building ITS Arcademy.

A home.

For creativity.
For you.

We belong together.

Barbara Franchin
ITS Founder

International Talent Support was launched in 2002 and throughout its 19-year history has developed into the most highly recognised platform to showcase & support the strongest young talents on the planet.

Most importantly, it has created an ever-growing family supporting creativity, like branches on a tree growing in different directions, yet nurtured by the same roots. Many of the over 630 finalists were selected by top fashion brands, where they now hold key positions, or have successfully developed their own lines.

ITS 2020 embraces the concept of Responsible Creativity, of an unequivocal awareness, of a conscious and necessary cultural shift in all aspects of our daily life and, even more so, in the diverse expressions of creativity.

Responsible Creativity is present in the finalists designs in all its forms – environmental, social and in its deeper human sense – widespread, a constant thread visible in trends and choices made. It unravels along different paths – up-cycling, re-cycling, zero-waste, natural colours and dyeing, organic textiles – like a recurring element: research and the reuse of objects and materials that young creative talents sourced from their surroundings or went looking for. Objects and materials that come with a story, that through this regeneration new meaning is breathed into them.