Ninja D. Evangelista


Born 10th June 1985, Austrian

Heirloom pieces, crafted to the highest ethical standards, reflecting heritage and culture with the use of digital technology and traditional craftsmanship. Mourning artifacts that tell about our legacy for this world, jewellery pieces to be handed down to the generations, long after we are gone. Ninja aspires to create a sustainable future, respecting our planet and, in her opinion, fashion is powerful as a tool to educate, to create a positive impact, to empower and to heal. Something to hold on times of sorrow and to give hope for a better tomorrow, especially in times like those we are living in. AETERNUM is a mourning jewellery collection made for her loved ones. Each piece becomes a part of a family history, a rite of passage from mother to daughter, from aunt to niece. A handkerchief, a dress or a jewel turns into a symbol of the family, of one’s roots. They represent a woman telling her own story and that of the people who shaped and gave meaning to her world, in her own unique voice.