Anyango Mpinga

ITS Fashion@Work by illy Project

Born 20th November 1983, Kenyan

Anyango’s design for the illycaffè apron is inspired by deconstructed jackets and wrap skirts. It is unisex, with functional elements and components that are easily interchangeable. The dark colors are essential when considering a nomadic life: it wouldn’t be easy to clean the aprons on the move. All pockets in her designs are functional, some are even detachable using recycled coconut shell buttons. Straps are also adjustable like suspenders. The Turkana people of Kenya are a Nilotic group from North Western Kenya. The aprons were often made from goat skin and beaded with aluminum, glass beads and sometimes cowry shells. They were made and used by girls and women to cover their private parts as this was their main form of dressing. The men often draped cloth or leather across their bodies. The apron straps were often made from leather and the shapes would be developed for ease of movement, consistent with their nomadic, pastoral lifestyle.