Keewon Shin

ITS Fashion@Work by illy Project

Born 12th December 1993, South Korean

We live in the age of space. Mankind will someday have to leave the Earth, and even now, countries and businesses are constantly researching to get out into space.
The concept for Keewon’s apron comes from “The old man’s war”, a futuristic science fiction novel by John Scalzi. A private company called C.D.F selects personnel and combines humans, who can no longer live on Earth, with computers to create state-of-the-art humanoids, then building an army that is tasked with pioneering space. Through the war against alien life in the universe, this army finds a planet where humanity can colonize and live anew. Based on these novel contents and concepts, Keewon thought of a barista who freely swims in space and provides people with coffee. In space we might no longer need to have to go to a cafĂ©, maybe a barista will come over to make & serve coffee to people.