Kin Yan Lam

ITS Fashion@Work by illy Project

Born 12th January 1995, Chinese

In terms of research for this design, packaging is the main source of reference, developed from the illycaffè’s drip coffee pack. The fascinating transformation of the coffee pack from 2D to 3D led to the development of a transformable apron. Both coffee and dong cloth, a type of handmade fabric from Southern China, carry rich and unique cultural values. This project aims to put the two together, to enrich both coffee and Dong cloth through a transformable apron. In regards to sustainability, Dong Cloth is made from organic ingredients and is produced with an entirely sustainable process. The apron’s transformability contributes to its sustainability as well, since it can be used both as a bag and as an apron. The pattern cutting also aims at zero-waste, again taking inspiration from illycaffè’s drip coffee pack.