Natsumi Osawa


Born 19th July 1993, Japanese

One rainy spring night a swallowtail butterfly wandered into Natsumi’s home. She hadn’t flown well, probably because she had just hatched and her wings were not dry yet. Natsumi stayed home with her for a few days during quarantine. Then, one sunny morning, a few days later the butterfly took off powerfully from the window of the room into the wide world. Natsumi juxtaposes the swallowtail’s journey into a new world with what she felt during her research trips. It’s all about hope and love for beautiful changes yet to come. May this swallowtail butterfly be a bridge to deliver our thoughts.
The artwork features an image of a swallowtail butterfly popping out of a trunk case that represents a research trip. The case is made of a patchwork of leftover kimono fabric from the process of creating the artwork.