Noa Baruch

Diesel Project

Born 17th January 1992, Israeli

Noa drew her inspiration from the fascinating world of skyscraper window washers, in which two of the pillars for this project are fundamental: sports and utility. Visual motives from the past and from the present – like the checker glass windows, bucket, belt, helmet and security cables – are all part of the references in her design as well as the perspective, reflections and balance one experiences while hanging between earth and sky, in a profession that has largely remained green to this day.


Diesel Award

The fashion finalists will be challenged with a special project by Diesel, a brief they will be required to develop in time for the Final on October 23. The Diesel Award will grant the winner a cash prize of €10,000, plus a 6-month internship at Diesel’s HQ in Italy. The internship foresees an expenses reimbursement of €500 per month, a return ticket from the winner’s country of residence, and lodging. The internship will start approximately from February 2021 (exact dates to be defined by Diesel).


The winner of the Diesel award caught our attention with a truly innovative point of view on denim. The look was approached with a responsible eye, using only denim laser engraving and simple home wash, creating different checkers patterns and shades of denim, revealing the potential of 3D design simulation.