Shiori Mizuochi & Hiroki Okamoto

ITS Fashion@Work by illy Project

Born 10th April 1992 & 21st March 1987, Japanese

The experience of appealing to the five senses is part of the attractiveness of illy. Hiroki and Shiori designed an apron as a visual communication to enjoy the micro structure of the coffee beans. Roasted coffee beans are porous, with tiny little holes on their surface. Because of this structure, we can enjoy coffee in various ways according to the different ways beans are grounded. The several ways in which the mesh (which mimicks the beans’ porosity) hangs and the movement of the apron being worn are a reminder of how the flavor of coffee changes according to the different types of grinds. In regards to sustainability, the apron  can be repaired by changing only parts of it, following the color pattern grid. Repaired aprons will  then become unique and different, just as the many different ways one can enjoy coffee.