Cameron Williams


Born 19th December 1994, British

Cultivating the theory of conceptual reciprocation through culture, Cameron’s work explores modern day solutions using ideologies from cultural groups and traditions. The wrapping styles of the Nuba people from Sudan, Africa, allow the carriage of objects and people while fleeing violence from government forces, heavily inspiring this collection’s cutting. The sensitivities of this organic, frugal way of dressing is contrasted with harsh inorganic textures and style references from Cameron’s experience growing up in South London’s working class environment. This collection marries the stories of internal displacement to depict a vision of a future free from cultural, ideological and physical displacement in these two contexts.


Vogue Talents Special Mention

A Special Mention by Vogue Talents will be awarded to a fashion, accessories or jewellery finalist. The winner’s collection will be featured on the Vogue Talents website and in the Vogue Talents supplement to Vogue Italia.


To the finalist who brought new emotions through precise aesthetic and traditions. ITS is about support and chances and this designer has the right experience and passion to interact with professionals who can offer invaluable advice.