Olivia Rubens


Born 30th October 1992 Canadian

Olivia explores what it means to be a woman, forced to construct herself to become who she is or who she thinks she is. It questions women’s ‘true’ selves, sameness, and their perception of others, and humorously points towards the masks they wear to conceal their identities. She references Cindy Sherman, Juno Calypso, Nadia Lee Cohen, Laurie Simmons, and Martin Parr, to name a few, and created her own Cindy Sherman style photo shoot, turning her performance into the outfits of her collection. Through sustainable knitwear design as well as social justice initiatives, Olivia stands for embracing our differences, and battling the injustices of bullying and prejudice.


ITS Responsible Fashion Award powered by Allianz

The ITS Responsible Fashion Award powered by Allianz will assign to a Fashion finalist a cash prize of €10,000 and a Tutorship on Responsible Creativity.

Fashion Revolution will organize responsible tailor made creativity mentorships for both winners, which will be delivered by the Fashion Open Studio team.


To the finalist who managed to merge a challenging, socially relevant concept with a responsible way to do fashion, all the while experimenting with silhouettes and shapes. The investigation into women's “true” selves and their perception of others has been carried with humor and poignancy and delivered with captivating image-making. The use of biodegradable, natural materials with a certified traceability and natural dyes is outstanding. So is the battle against the injustices of bullying and prejudice.

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana Award

The CNMI – Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana Award will grant the winner a cash prize of €5,000.


To the finalist who created a collection of great aesthetic and emotional impact, capable of combining creativity and sustainability, affirming a vision of fashion as a social language, transmitting positive values and messages.