Eva Vérwicht


Born 5th January 1996, French

‘Wait weeks for those high tides, when the sea reveals that inaccessible playground. Where everything becomes bigger, new, experimental, conducive to the imagination. Jumping from rock to rock I discover a large pond where the trapped water is of a different color. Crystalline, both a mirror of the sky and an aquarium magnifier, it seems to sparkle with life. Hands in the water, I discover a multitude of textures, of living beings, squeezing between algae and stones. It is a pleasure to touch and be amazed by these anemones, these trapped fish, these shells, a play of colours and shapes existing only in the water, unseen on Earth.’ It is here, a reminiscence of Eva’s childhood, that one can discover the creatures from her collection. Her bags come straight out of this organic and phantasmagorical world, ready for a dreamer, a woman who lives to the rhythm of her emotions.