Rei Sato & Jumi Tanabe


Born 18th August 1991 / Born 30th June 1991 Japanese

Rei and Jumi create a new form of communication by visualizing thoughts, memories and musical tastes from our brains. The brain is thus externalised as an ear monitor headpiece. Music preferences are hard to visualise. People have their own unique, original playlists only inside their brains. They might be influenced by their family, friends, by movies they have seen or books they have read. So they came up with the idea of developing and producing individual ear sets based & inspired by unique playlists, bespoke pieces carrying on the outside, visually, the playlists that can be listened on the inside. In doing so, they only use discarded, upcycled materials in an effort to recycle as much as possible and create new thoughts and expressions using old material. In a belief that the current mood of this world is the mix of old and new.