Johanna Parv

ITS Fashion@Work by illy Project

Born 14th February 1993, Estonian

By thinking where it ends up after work, Johanna brought movement to the coffee apron. Key words in the development of her piece were: adjust, adapt, re-use, move, freedom, compact-design, tradition and cycle.
Her research began by thinking at how we can change the apron. Is it possible to expand its functionality and adjust it to work equally well between lifestyles? Johanna believes that a part of social sustainability relies in encouraging an active lifestyle and freedom of movement, allowing humans to move sustainably by creating possibilities. She therefore mixed the traditional way of wearing an apron with a modern urban lifestyle, driving inspiration from the people who harvest coffee and need to find clever solutions to carry things with them during everyday working while moving around. Her apron also looks at solutions to wear it outside of work or when on the way to work. With the functionality and fashion of active-wear, and using materials that are easy to wipe and clean, Johanna’s apron prototype is as adaptable to all situations and as functional as it gets.


ITS Fashion@Work by illy Award

2020 sees the return of the ITS Fashion @ Work project by illycaffè, which will challenge a selected number of finalists with a radical, sustainable re-design of their coffee aprons. The ITS Fashion@Work by illy Award offered by illy will grant €10,000 to the winner.


The high general level convinced us to reward two projects: on the one hand an authentic couture garment with great quality in details, combined with a workmanship that avoids unnecessary waste, on the other hand, almost opposite in style but equally stimulating, a project that has been able to transform the apron into a versatile object, promoting its use in a new shape wearable even outside the workplace.