Johanna Parv

Lotto Project

Born 14th February 1993, Estonian

Johanna worked on the idea of modules and transformability, creating a design that can be easily changed by combining the parts differently every time, depending on the taste of the wearer. This might encourage customers to buy fewer clothing items, given its versatility. It allows to replace only the damaged parts rather than buying an entirely new garment since the modules are connected by invisible zips. The basic inspiration is the classic vintage Lotto shell suit, and the jacket includes extra room on the back to cover up one’s sports bag or tennis racket bag, while the shorts feature storage space for tennis balls under the hem.


Lotto Sport Award

3 selected finalists will be invited to draw on the historical archive of the brand and create an outfit inspired by Lotto’s heritage and the world of tennis. The Lotto Sport Award will consist of a 3-month internship with Lotto Sport for the winner who will have the opportunity to directly follow and develop a sports-inspired capsule collection in Lotto’s style office. The internship will be starting in mid-September 2020 and will include accommodation, lunches and a €500/month expenses reimbursement.


To the finalist who perfectly re-imagined our tennis heritage and adapted it for the modern world in the most original way. A modular style, with the combination of sustainable materials, while creating a refreshing and unexpected take, brings the brand to unexplored territories.