The fashion finalists were challenged with a special project by Diesel, one of the iconic brands of OTB, the international fashion group partnering with ITS since the very beginning. They were required to design and develop one outfit based around at least one of three specific pillars imagined for this project: Sport, Utilitary and clubbing. Diesel is looking for an interpretation related to each finalist’s aesthetics at the same time including relevant references to the current culture as well as to what Diesel is today.

The outfit needed to be either entirely in denim, or had to incorporate denim, using it in a progressive and dynamic way while exploring form, technique and craftsmanship.

Most importantly, the finalists were required to be responsible
about their creativity: the project needed to be sustainable by either
using recycled garments and/or upcycled fabrics from stock, and Diesel provided them with garments from dead stock or R&D and production surplus wastage.